Electric Actuators

01. E-MY2



SMC’s E-MY2 series e-rodless actuators require no programming, and have both the operational ability of an air cylinder, and the speed controllability of an electric actuator.  The series consists of the E-MY2B (basic), E-MY2C (cam follower guide), E-MY2H (linear guide, single axis), and the E-MY2HT (linear guide, double axis) styles.  Offered in an integrated or remote control type, the E-MY2 is available with 3 or 5-point accurate stop options (2-points for both ends, with the remaining points for any preferred intermediate stops), and a wide selection of standard strokes, speed rates, and applicable loads.


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02. LEF



The LEF series slider type electric actuator features a low profile height of 46mm (LEF16).  The actuator’s main body can be mounted without removing any exterior components, such as the cover, making installation easy.  The standard equipped seal band covers the guide, ball screw and belt, preventing grease and external foreign matter from splashing and entering the LEF.  There are 2 types of drivers available, ball screw or timing belt.  Available motors include servo motor ball screw drive or step motor belt drive. When the LEF is ordered with the controller, initial data of the actuator is preset in the controller allowing start-up in a short time with the “easy mode”.

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thiết bị SMC

thiết bị SMC

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