Bảng giá thiết bị Đèn diệt khuẩn UV – UVC SterilAir (Switzerland)

Type of system PRICE


EF2000 series

-EFM2018 -for 20 W 2K tube

-EFM2036 -for 30 or 36 W 2K tube

-EFD2018 – for 2 x 20 W 2K tubes

-EFD2036 – for 2 x 30 or 36 W 2K tubes

Please contact us – Surface/coil treatment in Air Handling Units -Air stream disinfection -Water/liquid treatment in tanks
AQT 2000 series Please contact us – Water / surface treatment in humidifiers, air washers, cooling towers and water filtration systems
-AQT 2018 -for 18 W 2K tube
-AQT 2036 -for 36 W 2K tube
AQD series Please contact us – UVC flow through reactor for water treatment
-AQD 54 -for 36 W 2K tube
-AQD 54C -for 18 W 2K tube
-AQD 64 -for 36 W 2K tube
-AQD 64C -for 18 W 2K tube
T 2002-IP series Please contact us – Compact unit designed for conveyor belt treatment in food / meat processing industry to reduce the germ level on the belt service during production
-T2002-30IP -for 2 x 30 W 2H tubes
-T2002-36IP -for 2 x 36 W 2H tubes
UVR 2250-4 Please contact us – Active UVC air treatment desinfection system for storage,

maturation, production rooms in food/meat industry

processing 400 m³ of air per hour

-UVR2250-4 -for 4 x 36 W 2K tubes
Tubes Please contact us K = for air stream, water and cold applications

H = for hot conditions

2036 means type 20 with 36 W power el.

-UVC2020-2K (400 mm)
-UVC2030-2K (585 mm)
-UVC2030-2H (585 mm)
-UVC2036-2K (842 mm)
-UVC2036-2H (842 mm)

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